Lending Library Booktube: “To the Lighthouse”

In Oral, for the second term we had to prepare our second Booktube. The book I read was “To the Lighthouse”, a novel by Virginia Woolf. I found it very difficult to read and understand because it was very detailed and had difficult language. However, after rereading it many times, I understood it. This is my review of the story, my Booktube.


Lending Library Booktube: “Slumdog Millionaire”

In oral with Pilar every term we receive a book for the lending libreary which we have to read and prepare a review of it. This year, we had to do something new: a booktube. A booktube is a video or audio which contains the review or personal opinion pf a book or a movie. I chose “Slumdog Millionaire” by Vikas Swarup and this is my Booktube.


Atlantis Legend

In Writing and Oral we´ve been learning about legends and, in groups, we chose one legend and presented it.

I felt nervous at the time of presenting, but then happy and relieved that all had gone great. I think that we included a lot of text and so our classmates didn`t pay much attention to us, and were seduced by the visual aids.

I worked with Epi and Lucia and our legend was Atlantis.

Presentation of Atlantis legend