«Games at Twilight»

In Literature we are starting to read «Games at Twilight» by Anita Desai. Before and after reading we had to answer some questions.


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, twilight is «the time in the evening when it starts to get dark» or «the time when the full strength or power of something is decreasing». Therefore, it marks the beginning and ending of something.                                                                                      It symbolises the contrast between the sun and the moon. This image foretells life where there is death, light where there is darkness and hope when there is to be devil. In conclusion, it tells us that there is a good waiting to take the place of every evil.

This are notes on the Rite of Passage present in the story.

Description of the weather and peple’s feelings

At the beginnig the weather is very hot, suffocating as it is in India (setting) and the sun too bright. The story starts at the «arid time of the day» when children desperately needed to go out to play and do something. Such desire they had that they begged their mother to let them go just up to the «veranda and porch». They «strained to get out». Mira, the mom, was finally fed up of their insistence that she let them all out, although with concern.

Words, phrases in connection with death 

Repetition of the word «dead», «mournfully», «melancholy», «funeral game», «forgotten», «had lost its lividity», «dark», «tears», «misery», «pale».