Business review: Chapter 3 – Enterprise, business groth and size

In Business, with Mary, we’ve been going over the topics we have seen this far (from last year and this one) that will be included in the IGCSE. For this reason, we organised in groups, each one resposible for 1 chapter of the section and we had to prepare a presentation of it. This month we started with Section 1. I worked with Delfina Miy Uranga, Josefina Catani and Luz García Fernández, and we were assigned chapter 3: enterprise, business growth and size.


Business – Unit 17 and 18

Last weeks we´ve been studying in Business chapters 17 and 18 of the book. These are some web pages of the BBC Bitesize suggested by Mary that contain interesting information and are very useful to study. Also this is a SlideShare with some answers of questions about Unit 17 (Production of Goods and Services).

Revenue, Cost and  Profit

Break-even Point

Unit 17 Slideshare

Recruitment and Selection Process

In Business we are starting with our following unit, unit 8: Recruitment, selection and training workers. We had to enter a page: and choose a job advertisement we liked. Mine was: Media Planner/Campaign Manager.

Name of company: not stated, but the 3 biggest companies of media publishers in the UK are Pearson Publishers (total revenue: €6,756), BBC (total revenue: €5,862) and Virgin Media (total revenue: €4, 601) (source).

We now had to design a job specification (document which outlines the requirements, qualifications, expertise, physical characteristics for a specified job):

-Proven experience managing digital campaigns and clients
-Knowledge and execution of paid social advertising
-Understanding of RTB, Google Display Network and display ecosystem
-PPC knowledge is beneficial
-Educated to degree level
-Competency in MS Office, especially Excel                                                                                               -2 or 3 years of professional experience in digital marketing with a strong emphasis on Display

And after this, design a job description (description that outlines the responsibilities and duties to be carried out by someone employed to do a specific job):

-Develop strategic media plans                                                                                                                     -Optimise live campaigns                                                                                                                               -Provide meaningful insight to the Client Services team and the client themselves (a major global travel client)

This job is not new, it is not different from any other different job position, it is the manager of a business, in this case a media and publisher business.

Would you change anything in the advertisement? Why?

I would include the name of the company because if i were looking for jobs to apply for, I would look for a reliable company and for that, I need to be sure it exists and so it needs to have a name. Moreover I would explain what kind of company is (public/private), and how exactly does it work and also I would add how many hours per day they need this person to work.