Description of a remote place

In Language we were asked to write a description of a remote area, where temperatures are extreme, and very few people live. I chose the village of Salinas de Bustos, in La Rioja. And this is my description. 

Located on the south of La Rioja province, Salinas de Bustos is a small town that embodies a small amount of people. This place is full of humble but goodhearted people, babies, children, adults and old people.

Many activities can be done there, from football or running, to weaving or going to school. As it is a small poor town, there is only one school for everyone. Everyday children go there filled with joy, anxious to learn something new. Screams and the stepping feet on the field as they run can be heard from long distances. Around the school, the homes of all the neighbours are situated very close to each other. Walking around the houses and its patios, a lot of fences trap pigs, sheeps, lambs, chickens which then are used to feed the families. The stinky smell overruns the atmosphere.
The weather there is very extreme. In summer,  it is almost impossible to go out do to the scorching heat that overwhelms you. In winter, however, temperatures reach the 0° so you can see the field filled with fires that keep people’s body temperatures despite the freeze.

Recently, Chile’s earthquake hit this area so it’s now a bit devastated. However, the residents are doing the best to reconstruct the damaged houses.

Despite Salinas de Bustos not being the richest area or having many resources, it is outstanding for it’s people and their sacrifice.

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