The Rain Horse – Important quotations

In Literature we have been reading a story called “The Rain Horse”.  After reading it and discussin it, in pairs we had to choose some quotations for the main events of the story. I worked with Mara Ripoll. TASK

  1. “As the young man came over the hill the first thin blowing rain met him. (…) He shivered holding himself against the cold. …felt nothing but the dullness of feeling nothing. (…) A wave of anger went over him: (…) anger against the land that made him feel so outcast.”
  2. “…a thin, black horse was running across the ploughland towards the hill, its head down, neck stretched out. It seemed to be running on its toes like a cat, like a dog up to no good.
  3. “In blinding rain he lunged through the barricade of brambles at the wood’s edge. “
  4. “At the wood top, with the silvered grey light coming in behind it, the black horse was standing under the oaks, its head high and alert, its ears pricked, watching him.”
  5. “The black shape was above him, right across the light. (…) …he fell backwards down the bank, and leapt again like a madman, dodging among the oaks… He was well out in the middle of this before he realised that he was running alone. (…) …this last attack had cleared up one thing. He need no longer act like a fool out of mere uncertainty as to whether the horse was simply being playful or not. It was definitely after him. He picked two stones… (…) He began to run. And as he run he heard a deeper sound running with him. He whirled around. The horse was in the middle of the clearing. …coming straight for him. Ge let out a tearing roar and threw the stone… It dropped back (…) He could have killed the horse at that moment (…) …flung the one in his right hand. (…) …and the horse actually stumbled.”
  1. “He picked two stones about the size of goose eggs” he took the biggest stone he could find, and kept it, in order to defend himself. He didn’t know what the horse was going to do, so he had to be prepared for the worst.
  2. “With all his force he threw” “his arm began to ache with the unaccustomed exercise” With this quotations we can realize that this wasn’t a common thing, it’s not that a man usually throws stones at an animal. Because it’s not usual that nature reacts or attacks man. This story portrays a man and nature relationship, in which the man is not the only one presented as a threat. Nature does strike back, as seen in “The Rain Horse”.

10.11.  “Keep your distance and you’ll not get hurt” at this point the man was dominating the situation, was superior, and nature was no longer a threat to him. The man used his intelligence, and attacked him back, so that he wouldn’t get hurt.

12.    “Like a spike of bone stabbing” the protagonist felt a pain so big, and so profound that it felt like someone was stabbing his bones. He felt a part of him was missing, “cut out of his brain”, and this place made him remember that.

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